My story…

How I turned to the Primal principles.

What makes a woman who baked bread for years throw out her stash of 5 types of flour?

What makes a middle age woman purge her kitchen of all the soy products she was assured would see her through the perils of menopause?

What makes a sane woman endure the tirades of her loving husband who claimed she had stepped off the edge of sanity?

I’ll tell you what. It is the end of pain, clearing of a constant mental fog, sleeping through the night, and no more migraines.

I’m Jolinda and, although I was in the health field for many years, I came to understand some life altering principles almost by accident. Here’s how my life took a huge U-turn when I found health and freedom with Primal principles.

Granted, before the change (of diet, primarily) I looked healthy. I held challenging jobs, earned degrees, married, ran, cycled. But I endured snoring, sleep apnea, back pain, and unexplained stomach rebellions.

Did I mention migraines? They were weekly or more often. I confined my focus to short-term goals, unable to think clearly enough to imagine anything more. Commitment at that time simply meant “showing up”.

Then my husband had a “mild” stroke brought on by sudden high blood pressure – scary high. The medications had unwanted side effects. What to do? I had heard that hypertension was caused by internal inflammation. My investigations turned up the Paleo diet, initially, followed by the Primal principles and the ketogenic diet. Since we are both omnivores, it seemed doable.

I threw out all the wheat and grains in the house. My husband begged me not to throw out the oatmeal, but I put it way up on the top shelf, in the back. We went from homemade sourdough bread to no bread at all. That with a few other little adjustments and the changes began to happen.

Yes, his blood pressure came down. But here was the surprise… my stomach, bowels, and head all became quiet, clear, and functional without a whimper – and no more migraines. I slept more comfortably. I quit snoring and I lost weight (30 pounds) to return to my girlish figure.

I thought, “I can live with this. I mean really live!”